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The German Homonyms Game (and How I Managed to Get This One Guy to Yell Penis in the Middle of Class)

*Since starting this bloggy thing I’ve been writing mostly about China and Argentina. This is because I’m in Argentina right now and I had just come back from China when I started, so those are the things most fresh in my … Continue reading

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Story Time! (Part 2)

As promised, here is the rest of my story (ok, so apparently “soon” means “two months from now” in hedgehog time). For those of you who missed it, this is a continuation of me talking about a huge change that … Continue reading

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So Apparently I Know Spanish (But Good Luck Convincing the People in My Head)

After almost two months of living in Argentina, I’ve made an important realization: Holy shit, I can speak Spanish. Granted, I don’t speak it terribly well. I have an accent and I make tons of mistakes that just scream, “FOREIGNER,” … Continue reading

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The Infiltration of My Host Family’s Kitchen

It was a weekday and I was doing homework in my room when my host family’s oldest son and wife came over. I heard everyone talking in the kitchen and thought, “Wow, I sure have been in my room for a … Continue reading

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The Time I Almost Got Kidnapped in China (and How I Got Out of It by Being Really Annoying)

During my last week in China I took a train to Suzhou, which is a city about eighty kilometers west of Shanghai. Suzhou is absolutely beautiful; most of the buildings still retain the traditional Chinese architecture and the city is … Continue reading

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Why This One Professor Is Awesome

For most of my college career, I’ve handled my classes like this: Find a seat near the door so that I can make a quick escape. Make sure this seat is in a position where I don’t have to share … Continue reading

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