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Hedgehog Goes to the Gym: the Kickboxing Adventure

The last few posts I’ve made have been kinda serious, so now it’s time for something more lighthearted. I went digging through all my unpublished drafts and stumbled upon this one. I started writing it over two years ago, and … Continue reading

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Why Is This Normal: When Guys in Bars Try to Touch You

The following is something that happened to me on Saturday at a bar. It’s a huge step away from my normal silliness, but I’m sharing it because I think it’s important for us to talk about these things, especially because … Continue reading

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Guest Post on Berlin & Her Places: Living out of a Suitcase

After two years of not having a permanent place to live, I discovered something: moving a lot is bad for you! Constantly searching for apartments and moving from place to place drains you financially, mentally, and physically. Even though it … Continue reading

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Life finds a way

Hey there, internet! Life has been crazy in the last year, so blogging fell to the bottom of my list of priorities. It’s a shame.  I love writing, and I’ve missed it terribly. Fortunately, I woke up an hour before … Continue reading

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BLAMELESS: A Cautionary Tale of Freelancing, Head Injuries, and Shoddy Police-Work

Hey there! I decided to take a break from writing about being a wacky foreigner because I wanted to continue throwing random nonsense at y’all instead. My great friend at A Gamer’s Story suggested that I try writing about video games … Continue reading

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Data Entry Turns You Into a Zombie

Before I got fancy and moved to Germany (“fancy” here means “I spend my entire day in the S-Bahn and climb a lot of stairs”), I did data entry for a few years. Data entry is hard for most people. … Continue reading

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Teaching Medical English: Yay!

I started writing this during my third month of teaching, and then forgot about it for several months. Bad Hedgehog. A lot has happened since then. Thus, here are my thoughts as of some time in April. *** I’ve only … Continue reading

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